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XM Review

XM, also called Trading Point, is an international broker for online forex and commodity trading. It provides traders with an extensive selection of features for trading forex, precious metals, stock indices, and energies, in a bid to ensure trading flexibility. In this review, we will assess XM as a forex broker in terms of trading systems, accounts and pricing, spreads and commission, underlying assets, reliability and efficiency, and customer support. Trading Systems The clients of XM can access as many as 8 advanced trading platforms directly from one account, allowing clients to speed up trading operations and have more...

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Questrade Review

Questrade is a competitive financial service provider with an online stock trading platform for its Canadian-based investors. The broker specializes in ease of use and low trades. It has been in business since 1999. Here is a quick review of Questrade in different aspects: Pricing Questrade offers very competitive prices and you won’t have to worry about hidden charges. The platform offers $4.95 trading fees for trades with 495 shares or less – maximum $9.95 fees for trades with more shares. They do not charge the usual $29 commission that other online brokerages charge. In addition to that, you...

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How to Research your Stock Investments

After developing a trading strategy, you can now do a research for your stock investments. It pays to know the kinds of information that will help you become successful in your investment journey. After all, conducting a research will help you become aware of the risks and opportunities that is attached to every investment. Here are some of the essential steps that you should do in your research process: 1) Examine the company income statement. Choosing the right company for your investments is a very important step in your investment journey. Of course, your profit depends on the performance...

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How to Start Trading

Trading is another way of getting involved in the financial markets that aims to outperform conventional buy-and-hold investing. In trading, traders look for short-term price moves in order to gain money in both rising and falling markets. As a trader, you can have all the freedom to work from home, set your own time, and have the chance to grow your money in the most favorable conditions. Participating in the trading industry has come to be so easy. However, becoming successful on it is another story. Before engaging into trading, it’s important to develop a logical business or trading...

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